5 Shorts Season 4 is Accepting Submissions

Join Us this Saturday!

What: 5 Shorts Season 3 Film Screening
When: 3/11/17 
Where: PhillyCam 699 Ranstead St. Phila Pa 19106
Time: 1P - 4P

Featured Short Films

In the Room
Running to Faith
95 Degrees Cheese
Them There Eyes
A Father's Sorrow

Hope to see you there!

Presented by
Councilman Oh & The Black Film Advisory Committee
Live Footage 215 (LF215.com)

The 5 Shorts Project is currently casting for Season 3 of 5 Shorts. Below is a listing of the films that we are casting for. Please email a 3 min monologue and let us know what film(s) and role(s) you are auditioning for. You must be a member of the Philadelphia Actors Connect Meet Up Group to audition. If you have any questions, please contact 5shortsfilmproject@gmail.com.
All actors selected will receive IMDb credit.

Film Synopsis:

What do you do, when you try to stay cool.  However,all you can do is SAY CHEESE! Meet my friend, Jamal “Pooty” Sucker. He's had it up to here with all the heat and pressure with staying in the kitchen. Put it between two slices and find out why it’s called “95 Degrees Cheese”!

Character Descriptions:

1.)  Jamal”Pooty”Sucker: (Husband)25-30yrs old Ethic(African-American): Body Type:  Tall, Medium or Slim build( Height and weight optional). Personality: Sarcastic and very laid back at times. (Voice)Tone can be aggressive. MALE ACTOR WILL HAVE TO PULL PANTS DOWN. WILL ONLY SHOW CHEST SHOT INDICATING NUDITY.

2.)  Shanika Sucker: (Wife) 25-30yrs old  Ethic(African-American):  Body Type: Short, Full-Figured, Petite(Weight optional). Personality: Spunky, but meek at times with a sarcastic mouth. Tends to be too loyal towards family. Has a lazy mindset towards life and relationship.

3.)  Lanika Loudmouth:  (Shanika’s Mother) 40-60yrs old  Ethic(African-American): Body Type:  Short, Full-Figured or Petite.  Personality:  Very opinionated, sweet but loud person. Like to be the center of attention. Tends to be too direct and bossy.

4.)  Tanika Loudmouth:  (Shanika’s Sister) 25 to 35yrs old( Can be older or younger),Ethic(African-American):  Body Type: Short or tall, Slim or petite.  Personality: Tends to be very loyal towards her sister and mother. Very quiet tone, can cuss you out. Tends to shy away from conversations.

5.)  Boss/Friend at the Office:  (Any Age) Ethic: (Any Race) Body Type: (Any Type)  Personality : Very direct person.


Film Synopsis:

A "coming of age" tale that depicts the struggles of a teen boy and his strained relationship with his father.

Jewel : 14 year old African American female - B+ student.

Tyreek: 15 year old African American male-- Character the only child.

Prize : 17 years old African American male (quiet to moody kid)

Rev : 16 years old African American male (open)

Lena: 35-40 yr old African America female (Rev’s mother) --

Wayne : 35-40 yrs old -- Father of Tyreek, also a single father (Requirements -none)

Synquinnce: 35-40 yr African American female-- Wayne’s sister -

Ms. Sommers: 45 yrs old or older-- (rec center supervisor)

Knock Nissle: 35-40 yr old African American male (funny & likeable)

The lady: 30-35 yr old African American female- (Athletic appearance)

Rap Daddy --30- 40 yrs old- (has a player mentality)

Deuce: -- 42-45 yr olf African American female (father of 2, knows the streets)

Precious -- 11 yr old African American female- (daughter of Eric & Andrea)

Eric-- 40-45 yrs old African American male -- (married father of 11 yr old precious)

Andrea-- 35 - 40 yr old African American female -- (firery personality

Grandmother: 60- 70 yr old African American female (Height - 5’2 - 5’5 tall)

Extras --- 25-40 yrs old African American male (open)

Extras --- 25-40 yrs old African American female (open)


Film Synopsis:   

‘In The Room’ is a fake comedic reality show that consists of a group of friends coming together to discuss their lives within the entertainment industry. Think: Real Husbands of Hollywood (fabricated reality) meets How To Get Away With Murder (flashback reenactments) meets Conversating While Black (YouTube series).  This is the first episode of a youtube series that will continue to shoot after 5 Shorts is completed. Actors selected for this short are expected to continue with the production for 4 additional episodes.

Character Descriptions:

Friend 1 | Female| 25-35 yrs old | Blunt, outspoken personality. She’s the one in the group that goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

Friend 2 | Male | 25-35 yrs old | Confident, laid back, and charismatic. When he walks into a room, everyone knows his name, and everyone loves him.

Friend 3 | Male | 25-35 yrs old | Self-centered, cocky, and “bougie”. He has a very straight forward, “tell it like it is” personality.

Friend 4 | Male | 25-35 yrs old | Preppy, and a ‘tad bit’ delusional. He claims to have his life together, but has nothing to show for it.



The Tea Room is a narrative short surrounding two young women who want to be in control of their own lives and the choices they make to achieve  that. The women women chat in a victorian style tea house where the Gabriella is to meet a new suitor, Benjamin she has no interest in getting to know. Her friend Thalia has an date with the fiancé she hates.  Gabriella begins to connect with Benjamin an realize he might deserve a chance. Thalia makes attempt to murder her fiancé and unintentionally poisons Benjamin as well. Their friendship is threatened and loyalties are questioned when Gabriella  implores Thalia to help save Benjamin at the risk of exposing Thalia's crime.

Gabriella- Protagonist
A spirited Idealist
a strong-willed young woman intent on defying the obligations society has forced upon her.
Benjamin- Love Interest
20's-30's/ Tall, thin build
He is seen as awkward and clumsy but is an intelligent and thoughtful man who doesn't quit fit in.
Thalia- Best Friend
Late 20's- early 30's
Cunning, Resourceful
Annoyed with her place in the world as woman, she feels a need for independence and want to be in control of her own life.
 Augustus- Thalia's Fiancé
 30s-40's (Older than the rest)
Haughty, Self-Centered 
Stout, Injured, walks with a cane
Controlling, manipulative man who wants people to take pity on him.

Thank you and Good Luck!

5 Shorts is back and we're gearing up for Season 3. If you are interested in learning how to create a short film, you should submit your script by 7/17/16.

Past participants learned how to create a short film, their short films were screened at local venues, and were able to receive IMDb credit. All filmmakers retain ownership of their films and have the option of submitting their films to film festivals, etc.

If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

Admission: Free
Parking: Free
Drink Specials
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We'll be at Lolie's Ale House from 5p-9p. 

Let's have a Party! We are celebrating our successful run of Season 2 and welcoming our new members to the Philadelphia Actors Connect Meet Up Group. So, come on out and join us. Let's network and create some new partnerships.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at 5shortsfilmproject@gmail.com.
Carissa Anik's NO LAW
It was wonderful to celebrate the final airing of 5 Shorts Season 2 on PhillyCam with a live screeing at Alma Mater. It was a night of networking, fun, and short films. After the screening of 5 Shorts, all the filmmakers, crew, and actors in attendance participated in a Q&A session with the audience.

Are you free this Saturday from 6p-9p? If so, come and join us at Alma Mater in Mt. Airy! This is our second screening of 5 Shorts and we're sooo excited.

Enjoy a night of food, drinks, and fun. Network with fellow actors in the industry while enjoying our short films.

We hope to see you there.