5 Shorts Season 4 is Accepting Submissions

Casting Directors are responsible for coordinating the casting call. You must work along with the Director and Producer to schedule the casting call. It would probably save time if the Director and Producer are in attendance at the casting call. 

5 Shorts will schedule a casting day for participants to host their casting calls. All actors must be Philadelphia Actors Connect Members. 
Casting Directors are responsible for making sure the Actors chosen are dependable and want to be a part of said production.

  • You may want to cast an understudy for lead actors in case you need a fill in or replacement. 

Casting Director: The "CD" remains as a liaison between director, actors and their agents/managers and the studio/network to get the characters in the script cast.

Actors: An actor (alternatively actress for a female; see terminology) is a person portraying a character in a dramatic or comic production; he or she performs in filmtelevisiontheatre, or radio.[1] Actor, literally means "one who interprets";[2] an actor, then, is one who interprets a dramatic character.[3]Method acting is an approach in which the actor identifies with the portrayed character by recalling emotions or reactions from his or her own life.
(source: Wikipedia)



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