5 Shorts Season 4 is Accepting Submissions

Your crew for production will consist of:

  • DP - Director of Photography
  • Assistant DP
  • Sound Engineer
  • Gaffer
  • Set Designer
  • Wardrobe
  • Props Manager
  • Story Board Artist 
Your crew for post-production will consist of:
  • Film Editor
  • Music Editor
  • Sound Editor
Do not think you will need a different individual for each role. Crew members with diverse experience can take on more than one role. The production and post-production phase is where you will need funding for your project. If you know people who are able to offer you crew services at a discounted rate or for film credit, you may not need much funding. If you do not know of any individuals that offer these services, you may have to hire someone.
  • You can put out ads on social networking sites for individuals who are looking for opportunities to get film credit. They may assist you for a nominal fee as well.
  • If you know how to edit and have access to the necessary equipment, you can edit your own project.
No matter what your choice is you will have to create a budget for your project and raise funds to cover expenses. 


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