5 Shorts Season 4 is Accepting Submissions

Fundraising is ultimately the most important part of this project. You will need to raise funds to cover expenses. For example:

  • Props
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Production Crew
  • Post-Production Crew
  • Marketing Materials
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (lunch/refreshments for set, etc.)
A good place to start for raising funds is with friends and family. Write up a small proposal with a budget and explain what you're planning to do with the funds. Offer incentives like: Name in credits, product placement in film, etc.

Another option for funding is crowd funding sites like Kick Starter or Indie Go Go. Make sure you read the rules and requirements for creating a campaign. 

**Please remember that all funds raised must go towards your project. You will have to submit your reconciled budget along with your project in order for your project to be a part of the screening.


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