5 Shorts Season 4 is Accepting Submissions


Are you ready to a create a short film? Are you really up for the challenge? Well...let's do this!


The 5 Shorts Film Project gives aspiring film professionals an opportunity to learn the aspects of creating a film and to gain industry credit. Participants of this project will learn all aspects of filmmaking: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

You will learn:
  • Scriptwriting Basics
How to format a script.
How to determine the length of your short film via your script.

  • Pre Production
We will host a casting call for your film (includes location, casting call promotion, and video link of casting call).
Provide a location for your table read and production meeting.
Assist you with finding a crew for your production (writer, director, camera operator, boom mic operator, casting assistant, etc.)

  • Production
Assist with location scouting.
Assist on set with crew needs (camera, sound, props, etc.)
Assist with creating a production schedule.
Add highlights of your production to our website.

  • Post Production
Assist with finding an editor for your film.
Or, you can learn how to edit your film (additional fee).

  • Screening
Provide screening opportunities for your film.
Your film will air of Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30.
Your film will stream live on PhillyCam.org.
Marketing and Promotion of your film as part of 5 Shorts.

  • IMDb
You and all the participants of your film are eligible for IMDb credit.
We will assist you with applying for IMDb credit.

Last, but not least, you will have your own film that you will retain all rights to; and you can submit your film to film festivals, post online, etc.

We will select 5 submissions to be a part of Season 3 of The 5 Shorts Project. Multiple submissions are welcome.
 If you are selected, you will be notified by 8/1/16 via email.

Submission Details:

  1. We need your 5 - 10 page film script (any scripts longer than 10 pages will be disqualified).
  2. Film Synopsis (a short description about your film. no longer than 1 paragraph).
  3. Pay Registration Fee

Please send these items as 1 document to: 5shortsfilmproject@gmail.com

Early Bird Registration: $30 (ends June 30th)
Registration: $50 (ends July 17th)

Rules & Policy

1.     All writers & actors should be a member of the Meet Up group: Philadelphia Actors Connect.

2.     10 Minutes (including credits) equates to a script of 10 pages (not including the title page).

3.     Each film with in the project should have different actors. No film can use the same actors as another film.

4.     Registration Fee: Payment should be submitted through PayPal first, then send the receipt along with your script. Your script will not be reviewed without the payment receipt.

5.     Each writer must submit their script to 5shortsfilmproject@gmail.com along with your registration receipt.

6.     Deadline for the films are final. No extensions.

7.     Once the films are submitted to PhillyCAM, no changes or updates can be made. (Please double check your work: opening credits, sound, color, closing credits; view it from different electronic devices if need be).

8.     Filmmaker must attend scheduled screening(s) of the project.

Help For You

There will be upcoming workshops to assist with casting, production, and editing. You will be notified about the date and location of these upcoming workshops.

Any questions please contact us at 5shortsfilmproject@gmail.com.


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